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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Lyrasis JVIembers and Sloan Foundation 

The X-Ray 

Published by the students 

of the 

Medical College of Virginia Campus 

Virginia Commonwealth University 

Richmond, VA 
Volume 94 

























— ^ 












MtdkaJ Colk/t* »>F*V!4'.!.'i5a Canipuij 


:: introduction 

:: student life 

:: student portraits 

:: student 

:: ads and 

vol. 94 

xray.two. thousand. seven 

j^ -r J 

oreward: _ yr/^f r ~"^^ 

Faces ofJylL \/c«™p« 

The X-Ray staff presents Volume 94, 
g^hich focuses on the people ofMCV 
Campus - its students. Chronicling 

the past year with photographs, 

capturing numerous memories, and 

!^^^ collecting various quotes, we have 

put the events of the past year into 

this publication. As you flip through 

these pages, we hope you remember 

how it felt to start that year in your 

life, the places you saw, the things 

you learned, and most of all, the 

Faces ofMCV Campus. 







Publication of the X-Ray was made possible 
with funds from the MCV Campus SGA 


Monument Avenue 

The City of Richmond's Monument Avenue is a place of beauty. Since its beginnings in 1887, 

Monument Avenue is known for its impressive houses, churches, and trees that line the five mile stretch. 

The diverse type of architecture range from English Tudor, Colonial, Georgian, Spanish, Jacobean, and 

Italian. Monument Avenue is the only street in the United States that is a National Historic Landmark 

and as its name implies, is home to six monuments. 

Above: Stonewall Jackson. With 
his reins in his left hand and his hat 
in his right. Confederate General 
Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" 
Jackson sits on his horse at the 
busiest intersection on Monument 
Avenue where it bisects with 
Boulevard. He faces north, 
indicating that he died in battle, 
unable to make it home safely. 

Right: Matthew Fontaine Maury. 

Matthew Fontaine Maury, the 
"Pathfinder of the Seas," sits in 
front of a pedestaled globe with 
figures of storms and the land. A 
scientist, oceanographer, and 
inventor, he faces East towards the 

Left: J.E.B. Stuart. General J.F..B. 
Stuart, known as "the eyes and 
ears" of the Confederate Army, 
sits upon his horse at the foot of 
Monument Avenue at Stuart 
Circle. With his famed plumed 
hat and cloak, he stands guard 
over Richmond. 

Below: Arthur Ashe, Jr. Arthur Ashe, Jr., 
a Richmond native and tennis great, is 
honored with this inspirational 
memorial. He stands atop an inscribed 
column with a tennis racket and books in 
his hands. Surrounded at his feet by 
children, they reach upward, inspired by 
Ashe to reach for the stars. 

Center. Jefferson Davis. 

Confederate President Jefferson 
Davis sits surrounded by a row of 
thirteen Doric coluntns, representiii; 
eleven seceding states and the tvs'o 
states who sent representatives to 
the Confederate Congress. Tliis 
monument was originally meant to 
be the end of Monument Avenue, 
however, it continued westward as 
Richmond expanded. 

Above: Robert E. Lee. Sitting atop 
his faithful steed, Tra\'eller, General 
Robert E. Lee sits in profile to 
Monument A\'enue, amidst the 
center of the largest traffic circle in 
the city. At 60 feet high, Lee's statue 
is considered one of America's 
grandest equestrian statues. 


Right: The entrance to the new VCU Massey Cancer Center 
Below: Hermes A. Kontos Medical Sciences Building 

Above: Egyptian Building at Sunset 

Right: A.D. Williams Clinic and West Hospital 

Left: The Courtyard behind Sanger Hall 
Below: Sanger Hall 

Above: Lyons Dental Building 

Left: A reflection of the Nelson Clinic from 

the windows of the Children's Pavillion. 





■ l 

^^^■■k ' " ^Hkj 








^ — ^_ 






MSLj^'" ■' 



Top Left to Right: Outside Hunton 
Student Center, Nursing Education 
Building, VCU North Hospital 



Bottom Left to Right: R. Blackwell Smith 
Building, McGuire Hall, Tompkins-McCaw 
Library, Construction of the new VCU Medical 
Center Critical Care Bed Tower 




I From the 1965 X-Ray: 
I The Villagers, a group of MCV 
I students, share their musical 
I talents at Hootenanny, a student 
I musical variety show. 


Frcim the 1965 X-/?av: 
Raleigh Powell sings and plays 
his chorded zither at 

From the 1957 X-Ray: 
Students send and check their 
mail at the post office inside 
Hunton Student Center. 

From the 1958 X-Ray: 
The MCV Varsity Basketball 
team poses for their team 
picture inside Hunton Student 

From the 1960A:-«a>': 
Students spend an afternoon 
after classes enjoying a game o^ 

^:^mtm Q^tLuknt Center 

id Re-Opening 

ary 24, 2007 

Hunton Student Center began as the First Baptist Church that 
dates from 1841. The Medical College of Virginia (later VCU) 
acquired the church building at 12th and Broad Streets on 
December 31, 1938. The building, then known as the Student 
Union, was the first official student center for the university. 

The building was renovated in 1985 with generous support from 
the MCV Foundation and VCU's health sciences administration. 

In May of 1989, VCU named the building Hunton Hall in honor 
of Eppa Hunton, Jr. and Eppa Hunton IV. Both men served 
MCV and VCU for many years, including as members of the 
Board of Visitors. 

In 2005, VCU began a $5 million complete renovation, and 
operation of the facility was transferred to the University 
Student Commons and Activities Department in the Division of 
Student Affairs and Enrollment Services. The VCU Board of 
Visitors approved the name change to Hunton Student Center to 
reflect its new broader mission and history as a student union. 

Now, Hunton Student Center begins a new life as a center for 
the entire University community to gather on the MCV Campus. 
This historic building is open to all the University and hospital 
communities who seek a place to study, reflect, or have a chat 
with colleagues and friends. 








From the 1960 X-Ray: 
[n between classes, students 
take time to have lunch and play 
a game of chess. 

From the \95A X-Ray: 
Dressed in formal attire, 
students rela.x and socialize 
during one of the many social 
events held at Hunton Student 

Numerous events have been 
held in Hunton Student Center, 
including this Christmas 
ceremony, complete with Santa 

From the 1953X-Rav: 
Many student organizations met 
within Hunton Student Center, 
including the MCV Chorus. 

From the First Baptist Church 
Sesquicenteimial Book: 
An image of Hunton Student 
Center before it became a part 
of the MCV Campus. i t 


""'^ .^-JmiBM 


V.^^^M*'^**^^'""**''^ IW:^^ ■ 


^-^^ 3E 


^ -^Stai .. /^ 




Inter Ball at the 

Jefferson Hot| 

February 16, 2007 


*-!'■■- jfL 

An keeping with tradition, this 

year's MCV Campus Winter Formal 
was held at the Jefferson Hotel. For 
the first time, tickets were sold online, 
selling out in less than 8 hours. During 
a second online sale, the remaining 
tickets sold out in 2 minutes! This 
extremely popular event was attended 
by 1200 MCV Campus students and 
faculty. Entertainment was provided 
by a hve band, Groovetown, in one 
ballroom and DJ Chris in another. 


,v ^ 

1 # 



SENIOR /\/y^mf---e ^f l\/IQ 


Wh3t was your most 


Senior Dental Students Naveen Kwatra 
and Josh Curling reenact their most 
nnemorable moment in dental school. 

Senior M 
Kluk andi. 
Tabatabai (to 
and Anita 
Bakshi a 
Kim (boi 
bedside in 
I NOVA F£ ■ ' 

Naveen Kwatra 

School of Dentistry 

Giving my first injection during second 
year and hitting the nen'e dead on! Both of 
us freaked., poor Josh. 

Hanh The-Trinh Nguyen 
School of Medicine 

Being able to spend time horseback 
riding and having dinner with a 
geriatric patient who I grew to know 
over three years in the clinic. 

Heather Schultheis 
Occupational Therapy 
School of Allied Health 

Getting to know all of my peers, through social 
events, such as bowling, lazer tag, dinner 
parties, and SGA events as well as community 
service events, such as Habitat for Humanity. 
Children 's Hospital telethon, and the 
Monument 10k. 

Rizza Abella 
School of Nursing 

The day I almost fainted in my first 
clinical. gotta love the smell of 
dressing changes. 

Sarah Coble 

Department of Gerontology 

School of Allied Health 

The time spent with my classmates and friends: 
racing across Broad St. after class, half price 
appetizers at Applebees, and SPO craziness - 
scrapbooks, bake sales, yard sales, cookbooks, 
painting potteiy, running the 5Ks, senior center 
parties, and the GSA conference in Dallas! 

Melanie Smith 
School of Pharmacy 

The day I received my rotations schedule 
for fourth year. I was excited to see all of 
the places I would get to go to in order to 
put into practice what I learned in the 
classroom during the previous three years\ 



^K ...,^ 

in 2001, has 
quickly become 
the world's best 
seUing digital 
audio player, 
and with iTunes, 
users have the 
freedom to 
purchase songs 
and CDs on the 

ti t J J. 


Personal Digital 
Assistants (PDA) 

are handheld 
computers that were 
originally designed 
as personal 
organizers, but 
became much more 
versatile over the 

Cell Phones have come a 
long way from the day's of 
the clunky boxes to the 
slim and small ones sold 

Global Positioning 
System (GPS) IS 

currently the only fully- 
functional Global 
Navigation Satellite 
System. More than two 
dozen GPS satellites are 
in Earth's orbit, 
transmitting signals 
allowing GPS receivers 
to determine the 
receiver's location, 
speed and direction. 

Windows vs. MacOS vs. Linux - Which 
Operating System to Choose? 

Computer users have so many more 
options today regarding their choice for 
operating systems. Windows, the most 
commonly used OS, has developed Vista 
as an upgrade to their XP, while Apple, 
famous for its graphical interface, has 
designed Leopard as its upgrade to MacOS. 
Linux, more commonly used by 
programmers, is starting to become more 
popular by offering different distributions 
to allow you to customize your computer to 
fit your specific needs (Linux is available 
free for download and open source). 

Video Games: Gamers have seen a huge advance in consoles and games within the past several years. Increasing in depth of 
design and game play, handheld devices, such as the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS, and consoles such as the Microsoft Xbox 360, 
Sony Playstation i. and Nintendo Wii. have revolutionized gaming. PC games continue to be a large attraction for many as well. 
One of the best selling games for PC. World of Warcraft. an MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game), recenti 
came out with its Burning Crusade expansion, taking its game to a higher level, boasting 8 million players worldwide. 


Now it's easy to share and view 
random videos from people across the 
globe or enjoy clips from TV shows 
and movies with websites like 
YoiiTube and Metacafe. 


Finding lost friends and 
making new ones is faster 
now with networking 
websites such as Myspace 
and Facebook. 


Looking for something rare or trying to 
find a good deal on something? Online 
auctions and catalogs make finding 
that perfect something possible. 



Who? What? Where? When? Why? 
and How? All things that can be 

answered by Google and other 
internet search engines. 


Need to multitask? Talking to 8 friends 
at once? Looking for a distraction? All 
of that is possible with instant 
messaging programs like AIM and 
Yahoo Messenger. 


For a quick and simple explanation on 
complicated topics. Wikipedia and 
other online resources provide you 
with the answers you seek. 

aka 933k 5p34k 
Uncle rstandini^ today's internet lcini>iiage 

LOL - laughing out loud - used to denote great 

amusement in chat conversations 
ROFL - rolling on the floor laughing - typically a 

stronger version of LOL 
OMG - oh my goodness - used to express shock or 

Happiness:''.^ =1 :) :) :D :> V^o^)/ 
Kiss: ^.^ :-* 

Anger: (W) >:0 >:E (-._-•) (>_<) 
Shock: 0_o =0 [S'^O) 

Can you guess what the following may represent? see 
answers below. 

("\(.:...:.)/") (-.-)zzZ -\(°_o)r ><((((''> <3 (@_@) 
(T_T) (x_x) :P <>_<> 


nOOb - an inexperienced, ignorant or unskilled person 
1337 - elite - one with great skill or incredibly advanced 

technology. Interchangeable with gosu 
uber - German word meaning above, today used to 

mean the ultimate, above all. the best, top 

gg - good game - internet slang exchanged by players at 

the beginning or after the end of a multiplayer game 

pwn - to soundh' defeat an opponent or taunting of an 

in-game enemy and rubbing in victories. Its most 

common use is with the past participle. "pwn3d" 

Answers to emoticons (left to rigtit): RAWR!, steeping, dumbstructi. sometliing fisliy. 
heart or love, dazed or confused, crying, exiiausled, sticliing out your tongue, alien 's 

pwnage at its best in teh real time strateg\' (RTS) game Wareraft III - teh 
Frozen Throne 

Artwork by Michael 

Lyons Dental Building 

School of Dentistry 
Constructed in 1969, the 
Lyons Building currently 
serves as an outpatient 
faculty dental practice 
and has academic 
laboratories, classrooms 
and clinical facilities. 

West Hospital 

The new MCV Hospital 
(MCV West Hospital) 
opened in 1940 while Dr. 
William Sanger served as 
MCV's third president. 
The nationally acclaimed 
1 8-story hospital had the 
capacity for 600 beds. 

Egyptian Building 

School of Medicine 
The Medical Department of 
Hampden-Sydney College 
(later called the Medical 
College of Virginia) moved 
into its first permanent home 
in 1844. 

Nursing Education 

Formerly called 
Cabaniss Hall, the 
Nursing Education 
Building opened in 
1928. In 2005, VCU 
began a $17 miUion 
construction project 
to build a new 
School of Nursing 
Education Building. 


Michael Martin graduated Magna Cum Laude and with University Honors in 2002 from VCU's 
Communication Arts and Design program. He is a Virginia native and creates artworl< full time. 

Gift size prints may be purciiased at tiie VCU Medical Center Bookstore and full size prints are 
available through the MCV Alumni Association 




Mcv Beans! 

»ir« ift «ir» «ir» iiir« /im nm nm «irii «ir» «"r» (iir« (iir» «ir» «ir» it m irri 


^ ^ ^ X ^ ^ 

* -^ ^ -^ 

Cecil Drain, PIn.D. 


Scinool of Allied Health 

Ronald Hunt, D.D.S. 

School of Dentistry 

Jerome Strauss, M.D., Ph.D. 


School of Medicine 


Nancy Langston, Ph.D. 


School of Nursing 

Victor Yanchick, Ph.D. 

School of Pharmacy 





WAV »A» «A» »A» 'UP »A« »A« VA« «A« VA« «A« «A» »A» »A« »AV VAV VAV 



i^hiJt}i/dr^iii)iBii hh)iiii}i cJiJ3i2/}/T;iiJL>-/ 

To the Class of 2007, 

It seems like it was only yesterday that we arrived on the MCV Campus to begin our 
graduate-level education as students of the Master of Science in Occupational 
Therapy program. In the summer of 2005, we embarked upon an intense program 
designed to provide us with the knowledge and experience to become occupational 
therapists. Since that time, we have spent almost every day together- long days of 
intense coursework, late nights studying in anatomy lab, neuro and kines practicals, 
clinical fieldworks and oral exams, and fostering the growth of our peer relationships. 

Our introduction to occupational therapy challenged us, but we sought to embody the 
holistic spirit of OT practice. Throughout our coursework and field work experiences, 
we learned to evaluate and provide treatment interventions that would increase 
overall function and improve the quality of life in persons with a variety of diagnoses 
and complex physical or psychological disabilities. 

As our final year of OT school comes to a close, it is with both appreciation and 
celebration that we honor our profession, the caring faculty that challenged our 
minds, our fellow peers, and our patients. As we move forward into the future, let 
this quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson be a reminder of the magnificent work to be 
done and the people that have touched our lives. "To know even one life has breathed 
easier because you have lived; this is to have succeeded." 

Best wishes to all, 

Melissa Glass 

MSOT, Class of 2007 

Student Occupational Therapy Association President 

School of Allied Health Professions 


Holly Agnew Feddah Ahmad Ashley Amey Heather Armstrong 

Amanda Barbara Stefano Barreto Mohammed Bey ad Katie Campbell 

Sarah Coble Emily Crinklaw Vaswani Davina Katherine Deweerd 


^j^i/tiX'il)^^^ )j3ijii»j •jJii3i^>T;ijiL>y 

Laura Downey Harry Doyle Courtney Fox Melissa Glass 

Tamera Hairston Shannon Hathaway Melanie Johnson Nikki Juergensen 


Jessica Karan Sherbon Kathy Sarah Kim Sashika Krisnaratm 


Allison Krumpe 

Kelly Lefler 

Heather Link 

Kari Longoria 


Marian Mansah Zach McCluskey Steven Naleway Brian Niedermayer 

Lisa Perkins 

Emily Ratliff 

Tracey Rodriguez Crystal Rose 


i^ii>v\/'JX^i)]B'J hBii}ih sizi4^jjr^'^_^D-/ 





: 1 




/ H 


Heather Schultheis Emily Tafel 

Carlton Thome 

Jennifer Ward 

^ ^^ 


% ^|(MP 




Erica White 

Hilary Wilson Latasha Winstead George Yanulis 

Eric Young 


i::ij^t^V4i^4!Jj^^ )Ji^3jJiij zlli4hljjJ:^:^jJ'J':i 

Heather Kloepping 

Tina McClain 

Kristoffer Morgan 

aciiooi/JX'^'^'^''^ /Ji^ijJiij cJusi^pX^^jiDiJ 

Shannon Smith 

Meaan Snowa Darla Susenbach Kirsten Timmel 

Michaela Uy Courtney Waldron 

^:ihutji/'jr,^j)ib'J hbiiitji ^iii4^jjj^-!4u]ij 

J. Brent Higgins Reethi Iyengar 

Aizhan Kulzhanova Sarah Michaelis 

Jenifer Miirph) 

Kathrvn Moore 

Barry Schotield John Skevington Libby Skiles 

Zachary Reed Barry Schofield John Skevington 

Jefterv Sollis R. Matthew Tavenner Jason W'hinham 


ijS^jsovi/tSj^'^yzjd iJ^ijJifj 






It's been four long years and I wanted to thank the class for working hard and helping 
each other through the rigors of dental school. From smelling like formaldehyde or 
trying to turn a block of wax into something that resembled a tooth our first year, to 
worrying about an undercut or making a tee pee on a crown prep our second year; to 
staying "FLUID" our third and fourth year, as the school tried to make us a pilot for 
everything and I mean everything; to truly helping other classmates out in times of 
need and not being a bunch of cut throat gunners. I can only say that I am proud to 
be a part of this big family we call the 007s and I wish the best of luck to everyone in 
their future endeavors. 


Naveen "Vinnie" Kwatra 
President , Dental Class of 2007 


1 i^ 

Fahad Al-Saad Ahmad Al-Sahli 

Tareq Alali 

Rebecca Angus- 

Spencer Archibald Patricia Arteaga 


Jason Banks 

Dale Belnap Jeannene Bradley 

Aaric Allred 

Todd Ball 

Allison Bukoski- 


atihoui/tJl^'J^Jiiiiiif J 








f ■' 




Clifton Cameron Benjamin Crowley 

Kip Davis 

Matthew Detar 

Gary Dixon 

Dave Dodrill 

Ryan Edmunds 

Bryan Geary 

Eduardo Gomez Caitlin Gracey Jonathan Greenhalgh Jean Hong 


l ' vi 

Jared Hoover Nathan Houchins Kristen Hurley Syed Hussaini 

^rousha Jahangiri Cary Jaques Joell Kennedy Matthew Kent 

DiuTin Knudson Naveen Kwatra Olena Lambert Adrian Laxa 




Michael Lazear 

Hang Le 

Dirk Lighthall 


Jeff Maurer 


Blake Maxfield Elizabeth Miller Parinaz Movaghari 

Lori Musick 

Matthew Nelson Patrick Ng-A-Fook 

,y< ( 

Hau Ngo 

Kurt Niepraschk 




eonard Nunnally Ronald Owens Lynn Penterson 




Dan Pouchot 






latthew Richman Chrystal Rooks Taylor Scare 

Vicky Semtner 

\llyson Sheffield Brendan Smith Marina Spektor Wade Stevens 


.htj6\J'JX'4^iii'^^'^ J 


Abram Tanner 

Reena Thakkar Cassidy Turner 

John Ullrich 

Michael Webb 

David Whitlock Stefanie Wong 

Nathan Woods 

Cameron Workmai 



!^iiiM^X kp'~^'^ 

Chad Goeckeritz Jonathan Gorman James Gray 

2>tiho6lJ'Jf,'l^niii:>ir J 


Steven Hatch Harlan Hendricks Corinne Hoffman Vanessa Hofilena Robert Hunsaker Montique Johnson 

Juan Rojos 

Masthew Roller Randy Russell 

Marvin Sagun Ryan Saunders 


Keith Vaughan 

Derek Wineaar 

'':-j^\ '.' ■ y-^eu - -i* I ■* . L- \ ::l 




Luiza Kreuzer 

Zach Kuenzli Andrew Lawhorae 



Jeff Roberson 

Shahrzad Salaitash Larry Scarborough 

Da\ id Schindlor 

^^^^ ^^^^ Ijljl^^^ 

Susan Seal Rvan Shearer Kamhc/ Shukoor 



Kristen Tomlinson Eric Whidden 

Michael Wolter 



^^H ^HH ^^^H ■ 



Matthew Aldred 

Peter Appleby 

Poonum Bharal Sushmita BiKirdw aj Fau/ia Bha\riai:ri 

Andreen Fearon 

Audrey Gamulo 

Misha Ghazarian 

Tommy Grogan 

Neda Hovaizi 

Edward Jordan 

Natasha Kapoor 




Eric Shelley 

Justin Norbo Adam Park 

Ryan Swigert Harper Thompson Irina Volkova 

Sam Waddoups 






Greetings one and all. 

Four years ago, the class of 2007 first came together. A meeting of minds from far and wide, 
from diverse backgrounds and perspectives, united in a common desire to commit to a life in 

Now, as our time here at VCU/MCV comes to an end, we are faced with the exciting prospect of 
the next phase of our medical careers. Most of us will be separated by distance, but no matter 
where we all end up, we will share a common bond: our time here together and the common 
goal to help those in need. 

As the great scientist-philosopher Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said, "How can you come to 
know yourself? Never by thinking, always by doing. Try to do your duty, and you'll know right 
away what you amount to." So, now we finally get to go out and do! And I am confident we will 
do our duty with compassion, empathy and drive. • | 

Fellow classmates, I wish you the best of success in all your endeavors... most importantly, those 
designed to improve the lives of others. 

With great admiration, 

Farzin Yaghmaie 

President, Medical Class of 2007 


Shureef Ahmed 

Scott Annett 

Anita Bakshi 

Priya Bhatia 

Robin Bhavsar Daniel Blachman Cassie Blankeship Andrew Bogle 

Satrajit Bose Jessica Brawley 

Elliott Brown 

W. Ross Brown 




Tim Caraher Berkeley Carter 

John Clay 

Michelle Cowan 



'f -^ 






I /■ 



^/ J ^ 


Liz Dancel 

Houman Danesh 

Ivan Davis Grant De la Motte 


Josh Defriece Randall Demartino Miranda Dennis Anindita Devanath 


Charlie Devarna Dennis Dias Laura Diegelmann Jennie Draper 


Angie Duong Kelly Dzialo Marcen Eapen Robert Ellis 





Mark Elzey Courtney Esinhart Lauren Fiske Laura Flynn 






^K ' -^ M 



Chris Fox CaiTie Francisco Frances Fua Elizabeth Gaskins 


Jonathan Caspar Amanda Cillespie Seth Coodman Ramesh Crandhi 

Shivani Cupta 

Carrie Ham Rachelle Hanft MeUssa Harrison 



Eric Heinz 

Samantha Hess 

Jonathan Hlivko 

Zach Hoffman 

John Hornick 

Nate Ivanick 

Sonia Jaffe 

Vivek Jain 

Mary Jones 

Vishal Khiatani 

Ani> Kim 




Joy Kim 

Matt Kluk 

Ashok Krishnan Tim Laeger 

Bryan Laliberte 

Phi Lam 

Sara Lane 

Robin Laskey 

Nathan Lee 

Ni jui Liang 

Susan Lien Megan Littlepage 


\^^ «» 

Helen Lowler 

Sahbaz Malik 

Jessica Malloy 

Devin Marar 

jtephanie Martin Madison McCulloch Angela Meyer Sohaib Mohiuddin 

Melissa Mondello 

Blake Moore Alejandro Mosquera 





Katie MuUins Christine Murphy Saumya Nagarajan Hanh Nguyen 

Jared Nimtz 

Frederick Oh 

Patrick OUver 

Jamie Olson 

Kristin Ondecko 

Nick Ordyna 

Josephine Osire 

Georg Owusu- 


Brian Palank 

Shilpa Pandey 

Virginia Park 

Mary Piazza 




£ c 






Richard Pieire Charles Poppell Brenda Queen 

Rohini Reddi 











Vlarcia Redwood 

Erin Reese Christopher Regan Thomas Ridder 





Roland Roberson Lisa Rose-Jones Klara Rosenquist 

Sion Roy 

Sarah Russell 

Raffi Salibian Xanthi Samaropulos Swati Sanghani 



■ -^ 



-4 . 


^ / 

f 1 

wr^ <g?l 


Jeremy Sauer 

Will Schleicher 

Anne Schmitt Mohammad Shafie' 


Ojas Shah 

Sofia Shea 

Roger Shih 

Amit Sinha 





Marcus Smith Ajeet Sodhi Natasha St. Germain Meagan Stephenson 

Rhaiann Stricklen Brian Strife 

Juhe Sulhvan 

Kendra Sweet 





Babak Tabatabai Deepak Thomas Candice Tong 


Suan Tuck 

Puja Vanepps 

Bo Vaughan 

Dill Vaughn 



Rachel Vinson 







Joe Vongvorachoti Jonathan Walsh Matt Walsworth Tim Walters 


losh Walterschild Erin Watson Caroline Wigan Martin Wilkes 

Alicia Williams Daniel Willis Cameron Wilson Farzin Yaghmaie 

Ladin Yurteri Paul Zelensky 




Irena Glick Carrilynn Greenwood Shakun Gupta 

Chris Hartness 


Myo-Thwin Myint 

JeniiilL-r N'juNeii 

Khoa Nguyen 

..,1. -^ } 

Tony Nguyen Damieii Parker 




Michael White 

Kenneth Wong 

Natalie Zameroski 




Aryan Aahevli Ezinne Akamiro Nabil Alenit'iiii 

Valerie Allen 

Jemilat Badama: 

^- Vj*V, 

Anmoldeep Bajaj 


Joshua Belcher 

Tasneem Bholat 

Marc Caliatan 

Stephanie Ch, 



Sara Huberman 

Lauren Huddle Olakvnel Idowu 

Tina Ipe 

Shannon Miller 

Bonny Moore 

f.ilin Miulnek 

Heather Murphy 

Dahha Naqih 

All Nassiry 

Bijan Navidi 

Evora Newby 




Michael Rolen 

Ja> Ronquilio 

Frances Saccoccio 

Andrew Scharf 

Dante Schiavo 

Jill Zackrisson 





Monica Velasquez Jeffrey Wan 


i}:^j}ovi/:^jjj^ii)^h}B jjjjypjJ^j^^iijjJ 

Paiilie Papavassiliou Beth Pecora 


Heather Hoffman Stuart Mutter 

Stefan Pomrenke Taylor Schneider LeAnna Stork 








: } J t» L» j/Ji^ Ay / 5 ] i J £J 


T/ze trained nurse has become one of the great blessings of humanity, taking a place beside the 
physician and the priest, and not inferior to either in her mission. ~ William Osier 

To the graduating class of 2007, 

Four years ago, I would not have known the difference between crackles and wheezes, shunt 
from dead space units; the mechanism of action of metoprolol from verapamil. Yet, in a few 
weeks, we will all be sitting for an exam that will test our knowledge in everything from OB- 
GYN care to critical care pharmacology; it will also determine our future career path. I could 
say, "Try not to stress"; however, for those of you that know me, you know I could never 
practice what I preach in that regard, and that I, like you, will be pouring over every NCLEX 
review book and drug guide on the east coast in preparation for this test. Therefore, I will 
leave you with advice for your future nursing career: 

One day while babysitting, the little girl in my care was playing in the bathtub during her 
bath. When she got a bit of water in her ear, she exclaimed to me that she "might have to go 
to the hospital". Telling her that I was sure a tiny bit of water wouldnt hurt her ear, she 
continued to play and then told me, "I know you could take care of me; you're part babysitter, 
part nurse". Cute as that may have been coming from a five year old, there is an element of 
profound truth to it. What "parts" make up the nurse that you will become? We are 
daughters, sons, siblings, parents, spouses, etc. Many of us bring experience from other 
health care fields including respiratory therapy and EMT work. I implore you: never lose 
those "parts". For better or worse, they shape the person you are, and the nurse you will be. 
All of that experience, both professional and personal, allows you to approach each patient 
and clinical situation differently than anyone else would. It is of utmost importance that you 
strive to always approach each patient with that sense of individuality, for it is then that we 
give the truly holistic, competent, care that we are now capable of providing. It has been an 
honor working with you these past four years. 

Best wishes for all your future endeavors in life and nursing, ™ 

Kathleen Martin 

VCU School of Nursing 2007 

VCU SNA Senior Class Director 


Rizza Abella Michelle Acosta Emily Arthur Tina Bichara 

Lindsey Braisted Melani Brunson Kristin Cosby Lauren Crabtree 

Deborah Darlina E\ an Dove 

Atalie Doyle Susan Flowers 



t^iuM Ql ^^^"/ 


I \ , 

Jennifer Grcgoi) Laui en Hacker Monica Hamilton Maryann Harvey 

Marissa Heath Kristen Johnson 

Robyn Jones 

Rehana Kazi 

Adria Kendall 

Shannon Kinser 

Joanna Klein 

Kathleen Martin 

/legan McGhee Karin Miller Kathleen Miltner Danielle Muiphy 

Tina Rhoades Jessica Rice Amanda Royals William Shaffer 

Chantel Skipper Nicole Smith Crystal Stewart Heather Sykes 




Jessica Thies Katherine Tumage Wellington Wang Shannon Whitson 

Conschetta Wright Tracy Yager 


Hli/aheth Wilck 





To the Class of 2007, 

Congratulations, we made it! I remember sitting in class during the past couple of years 
thinking graduation would never come, as it just seemed too far away. Now, as we 
prepare to head off in various directions, stop and think about how much we have grown, 
both in our professional and personal lives, over the past four years. Remember those first 
few months during our first year, wondering when we were going to learn about 
something pharmacy in pharmacy school. Once we got our wish, we wondered if the 
onslaught of exams would ever end. Ok.. .so maybe I exaggerate slightly, but we have 
been through a lot since sitting through orientation in August 2003 with no idea what to 

While most of our time was spent together inside the walls of the Smith Building, don't 
forget about all of the fun we had after hours - the Anatomy parties, our class dominance 
in the tug-of-war at pharmacy picnics, and the random nights spent at Happy Hours 
reminiscing about the recent happenings from class. The time we spent together outside 
of the classroom only helped us work better with each other to accomplish our academic 
goals. As we go out into the "real world", take what we have learned and make your mark 
on the world. 

Thanks for all the memories and great times we have had together. I wish you all the best 
of luck in the future. 

Matthew P. Myers 

President, Pharmacy Class of 2007 


Farah Al-Mtwali Michelle Albritton Michelle Alga 

Karen Allison 

Jennifer Arendt Joyce Assiamah Sarah Baumstimler Christopher Belles 

Mark Bowie Kelly Branham Erin Briggs Nathan Callaway 


I , 



Jordan Canady Brad Carter Shen-y Cathey 

Natalie Chen 


Jonathan Cheung Wade Chi Kathryn Clasen Clarence Clodfelte: 

Susan Cogut Erin Colson Jody Conway Christopher Coots 


Brigham Cowgill Stacey Dean 

Mital Desai 

Julie Engler 

Joseph Farland 

Jessica Farmer Andrew Fergusson Allen Gandhi 

pheliamor Guzman Nessim Hadiji Travis Hale 

Larissa Hall 


s,:^'mi,\JJX!Si"">'^^J cJsJg'5 li/^i^oy 


Patricia Hawkins Thuy Ho Terra Hosp Christopher Howan 





>. _^ 



k .A 

i '■ ■v'^ 







Malcolm Humphries Samia Hussaini Thomas Hutton Kimberly Kell 

^f" •'^^ 

Banek Kristin NaoYoung Lee Lily Leu Ashley Lewis 


hmed Mahmoud Anthony Milam 

David Mills Tiyawnah Miracle 

mor Montgomery Melissa Moore Matthew Myers 

Nicara Neely 

,»«r ^?^ 

Jason Neill 

DiemLan Nguyen Tiffany Nuten 

Georae Ofosu 




Christina Olmsted Amber Ormsby Katherine Outten Lazaros Pastrikos 






Bto jg^^i 


fl i 



Zama Patel Elizabeth Patterson Michael Persinger Carrie Pettus 

Tracy Pham Patrick Powell Joseph Price Shazia Raheem 


Joe Ramey 

Trisha Reddy 

Laura Reith 

James Renner 


Marcie Roark 

Amanda Schutt 

Krystal Self 

Sherifeh Shafie 

Reeya Shah 

David Shakespeare 


Melanie Smith 


ijzhuuydj^ljjjisr sniszj 


Renee Soboleski Jessica Southward Jeremy Spires Brandon Sturgill 

Margaret Sutton Kevin Thome 

Kim Tran 

Thuy Truong 


John Van 

Chris Van Raam Sarah Vaughan DaUon Walters 


Frances Warren Kathryn Weakley Ayrl Webb 

Emily Wells 

Cassandra Wood 

Megan Yost 

Rachel Yost Wayne Young 

Nancy Youssef 


I ► 



Verna Boyd 

Francoise Hoang 

McKinsey 1 

u Jill'')?/'"/ ;■;/ ;/ at ill i 
Nathan Powell 

Jaime Robenolt 





I ► 



Scott Williams 

Katie Wohlford 


I . 





Jehan Abed Hend Abu-Joudeh Edward Aniponsem 

Slephan Anderson Stephanie Atue>i 


Jennifer Austin Le\ie Autrey Chn^ioplier Benton Ashle\ Bolen Derrick Botkins Counnev Carmack 

Jonathan Caner Elizabeth Choi Stephanie Clarj Krist\ n Colben Megan Danford Amanda Drawson 


Kathleen Hidalao 


Laura Nackman 

Jennifer Padgett Dina Patel 


Danny Kale 

Maria Koumas Yunlia Julianne Lee Allison Lynch Julia Martorana Joey McCloskey Stephen Milam 

Giang Nguyen Nancy Nguyen 

,/ ,i 

Payal Patel 

Lauren Pierce Erin Poplar-Jeffers Pamela Qua\ 


Stefanie Rusnick Lina Saliba Lindsay Sanhorn Meriam Senay Marissa Seneca Sarah Sinclair 



i kFk^i 

Renee Soban Matthew Stone Artie Strunk Tabatha Talbott 



lulie Villanueva E\ an White Tiffany While Lindsay Willis Erica Winter Michelle Woods 

Nicole Wo/.nick Diana Wright 





jStudcnt (!5ovcrnmcnt dissociation 

Medical College of Virginia Campus 

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the governing body for the students of the IVICV 
Campus. It administers programs and activities for all of the graduate professional schools at 
MCV Campus. Funding from the student fees is used for philanthropic events, social activities, 
the Jefferson Winter Ball, as well as "The X-Ray", the annual yearbook publication for the MCV 
Campus. Representatives are elected from each class of each school and serve as liaisons 
between the SGA Executive Board and the student body. 

SGA holds monthly meetings open to the student body in which the Executive Board and SGA 
representatives are required in attendance. All students are welcome and encouraged to be 
elected or appointed as officers or representatives and also have the right to participate in its 


C\own\n saromd with Patch At^me 

2006 - 2007 SGA Executive Board 

President: Michelle Pohoreskey 

Philanthropy VP: Giza High 

Student Life VP: Crystal Shrestha 

Social VPs: Meagan Littlepage & Heather Schultheis 

Honor Council Chair: Amanda Rezba 

Treasurer: Jannelle Posey 

Secretary: Jennifer Nguyen 

Editor-in-Chief of the X-Ray: Peter Nguyen 

Asst. Editor-in-Chief of the X-Ray: Denise Canonizado 

To the MCV Campus Students: 

U has been my sincerest pleasure to work on behalf of the student 
hidy. I have enjoyed working with the SGA, Honor Coitncil and 
'he student leaderslup and administration of each school as well as 
'he general student body. I am excited about our continued 'work 
ogellier to enhance student life on the MCV Campus. 

Jii behalf of the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment 
Services, congratulations to the graduating class of 20071 Each of 
loii lias achieved an important milestone in your personal and 
'rofessional development. I zvish you success and best wishes in 
[/our future endeazws. 

Or. Geoffrey H. Young 

nssociate Dean for Student Affairs 

the Rho Chi Society 


Lambda Chapter 

Pharmacy Honor Society 

2006 - 2007 OFFICERS 

President: Sarah B. German 

Vice President: Valerie Cutlip 

Secretary: Christina Olmsted 

Historian: Huyen Nguyen 

induction Ceremony Coordinator: 

Jeanese Reiss 

Tutoring Program Coordinator: 

Michael Bayas 

Above: The top 25% of the P2 class is honored during a special 
ceremony held by Rho Chi. 

Rho Chi Events 

Each year Rho Chi does the "Prescription for 
Success" program during the first week of school 
for the incoming PI Class. Members talk with each 
of their professors and prepare a presentation that 
covers all of the classes that Pi's will be taking their 
first semester. They provide sample test questions, 
hints on how to study, as well as overall study tips 
to get their semester off to a great start. 

Rho Chi also hosts two "Dean's List Luncheons," 
every semester. This past year's luncheon was held 
at the delicious Strawberry Street Cafe, located in 
the Fan. A speaker is present to congratulate the 
students on the Dean's List and motivate them to 
continue doing well in their studies. At the end of 
the kmcheon a trivia game that consists of 
pharmacy related questions, as well as other 
random trivia is played and three prizes are given 
to the top three scorers. The kmcheons have really 
grown in popularity as many students enjoy a free 
lunch every now and then! 


What is Rho Chi? The Lambda Chapter 
of Rho Chi was established in 1929. 
Membership in The Rho Chi Society is a 
privilege accorded to the very few who 
distinguish themselves by their academic 
and professional achievements and who 
aspire to the mission and vision of the 
Society. The honor society aims to recognize 
and reward outstanding scholarly 
attainment, and thereby encourage and 
stimulate outstanding scholarship. 



Kristen Banek 

Mark Bowie 

Megan Campbell 

Kathryn Clasen 

Lee Clodfelter 

Susan Cogut 

Sarah Dickerson 

Joseph Farland 

Andrew Ferguson 

Larissa Hall 

Sonnia Kesser 

Class of 2008 

Micliael Bayas 
Valerie Cutlip 
Jamiri En gel 
Sarah German 

Nick Hall 

Nick Jackson 

Jessica Johnson 

Jamie Lester 

Eric Mahone 

Katie Neiler 

Ryan Mayoralgo 

Huyen Nguyen 

Bich-Phuong Tran 

Jeanese Reiss 

Yunna Cho 

Corinne Mohler 

Michelle Poore 

Of 2007 

Jidie Michael 
Christina Olmsted 
Suzanne Phillips 

Joe Price 

Shazia Raheem 

Joey Ramey 

James Renner 

Kimberly Scott 

Kevin Thome 

Allen Gandhi 

Christopher Van Raam 

Class of 2009 

Ashley Alexander 

David Clapton 

David Delong 

Jon Gallahan 

Lynellen Gregory 

Jerrett Hubbard 

Jenny Kissinger 

Kathryn Krieg 

Kelley Mills 

Janet Park 

Richard Scanlon, Jr. 

Andrea Spieldenner 

Kyle Webb 

Laurence Weiss 

Peter Wills 

Christina Wong 

Jennifer Yuen 

*Current as of March 25, 2007 

Phi Lambda Sigma 


Beta iMu Cliapter 

Pharmacy Leadership Society 

What is Phi Lambda Sigma? phi Lambda Slgma strives to support pharmacy 
leadership commitment by recognizing leaders and fostering leadership development. 
Nomination for membership categories originate from the present student and faculty members 
of the Society. Prospective members are nominated on the basis of their demonstration of 
dedication, service and leadership in the advancement of pharmacy. By peer recognition, the 
Society encourages participation in all pharmacy activities. Such recognition instills and 
enhances self-confidence, encourages the less active student to a more active role and promotes 
greater effort toward the advancement of the profession of pharmacy. It has been said that "no 
greater honor can be bestowed upon an individual than to be recognized as a leader by one's peers." 



2006 - 2007 OFFICERS 




Sheetal Dharia 

^H •« ii^^k 

^m '^ Cv 

A f\ 

Vice President 

^E .^HP 

A, > l^m 

Lisa T. Vo 



l^L ^^ 

Secretary & Treasurer 




Rhenda Harris 

i i 


inductions Coordinator 




Morgan McKinsey Huff 




A PLS iviemorable Event from 2007: School of Pharmacy Health Fair 

Phi Lambda Sigma members participated in the April 2007 School of Pharmacy Health Fair, educating 
patients and interested parties about osteoporosis health. Information about osteoporosis prevention 
and treatment from the NIH was given to the patients. Bone mineral density scans were performed on 
interested parties, with the help of pharmacy residents. 

Student Members* 

Jessica Southward 

Kim Tran 

Larissa Hall 

Ashley Lewis 

Patrick Powell 

James Renner 

Amanda Schutt 

Faculty Members 

Victor A. Yanchick 

Thomas P. Reiiniers 

David A. Holdford 

Gretchen Bropln/ 

Michael A. Crouch 

Jeff Delafiiente 

William Ganiett 

Patricia Stattum 

Don Brophy 

William Smith 

Doivia Proffitt 

Gary Matzke 

Alumni Members 

*Current as of March 2, 2007 

Mary Datillo 

Mary Sue Fisher 

Timothy W. Lucas 

Beverly Feagaii-Martiu 

Sheri M. Shields 

Rebecca P. Suead 

Richard W. Stogdale Jr. 

Michael L Elliott 

James V. Ettare II 

Stephanie A. Flythe 

Kelly A. Folei/ 

Brian M. Jones 

Amanda Colquitt 

Brandon Jennaigs 

Kasey Farewell 
Sukhmani Sarao 

Susan Sprow 

Emily Chambers 

Loi G. Kha 

Meredith R. Linder 

Shelly L. McComas 

Mary G. Rojas 

Rafael Saenz 

Kelli Remines 

Karen Rymers 

Seina Lee 
Kristina Boiui 


^ SNPhA 

\^__y The student National Pha 

The student National Pharmaceutical Association 

Wh3t is SNPhA? SNPhA is an educational service association of pharmacy students who are concerned about 
pharmacy and healthcare related issues, and the poor minority representation in pharmacy and other health-related 
professions. The purpose of SNPhA is to plan, organize, coordinate and execute programs geared toward the improvement 
for the health, educational, and social environment of the community. To attain its purpose and objective, SNPhA develops 
and coordinates programs in areas directly affecting minority pharmacy students and health care of minority people. 
SNPhA further pledges to work with other organizations and public agencies in the pursuit of charitable and educational 


President: Rhenda Harris 

President-Elect: Ayoyinka Ojutalayo 

Vice President: Adel Jaber 

secretary: Christine Ha 
Treasurer: Nelda Richardson 

Community service Chair: 

Catrina Hairston 


Nader Hanna & Lawrence Gonzales 


President: Ayoyinka Ojutalayo 

President-Elect: Pamela Quaye 

Vice-President: Kristen Duke 

Secretary: Nelda Richardson 

Treasurer: Helen Haileselassie 

Community Service Cliair: 

Maria Koumas 


Mika Shima & Catrina Hairston 

"Remember the Ribbon" 

National hiv/aids Awareness Project 

In 2003, the Centers for 
Disease Control (CDC) 
estimated that more than 1 
million people had 
HIV/ AIDS. What is even 
more alarming is that 
minorities comprised 78% of all the newly 
diagnosed cases of HIV/AIDS in 2004. In 
July of 2005, SNPhA introduced an 
HIV/AIDS awareness initiative known as 
Remember the Ribbon. The purpose of this 
initiative is to raise awareness about 
HIV /AIDS and the continuous impact it 
has on minorities. To assist with this cause, 
VCU SNPhA members educate the 
community at various events on the 
importance of being tested for HIV and 




SNPhA Members in Action! i 

Throughout the year, SNPhA members were 

actively representing the School of Pharmacy in 

our local and national community. Free services 

such as blood pressure screenings offered 

students practical experience and the 

opportunity to improve health outcomes for the 

people they encountered. 

President Yinka Ojutalayo (P2) masters his 

blood pressure screening technique on 

James Ross (P3). SNPhA members offered 

.free blood pressure an^ 

glucose screenings 

throughout the 

^chool year at local 


Former SNPhA Officers Adel Jaber ( 
Kim Tran (P4) & Rhenda Harris (P3) ; 
a regional meeting in Chicago. 

fcllo^UlV /AIDS sg 


^^K;dwine, Mel 
H[^ Wong spc 
^ ^ studen 

% i 




m. A 






W Ifcr^nbe.s^fc^l 








■■■ff ,*"t^'-^'^^^- IB 


The Virginia Academy of Student Pharmacists 

What IS VASP? As the largest student organization in the School 
of Pharmacy, VASP enables bright young students interested in all 
aspects of the profession of Pharmacy to participate in legislative 
initiatives, patient care projects, and special events designed to 
eixhance classroom learning. Members are able to utilize the 
resources of the American Pharmacists Association as well as the 
Virginia Pharmacists Association to outreach to the community on 
topics ranging from immunizations to diabetes and heartburn. 

2006 - 2007 OFFICERS 

President: McKinsey Huff 

President Elect: Da\id DeLong 

Vice President: Liz Hurt 

Treasurer: PritalMehta 

Secretary: Danielle Jennings 

Historians: Am<inda Haga and Jessica Aptaker 

P4 Class Representative: Melanie Smith 

P3 Class Representative: John Nadeau 

P2 Class Representative: Amanda Bremner 

PI Class Representative: Holly Gurgle 

Community Service Chairpersons: 

Jeanese Reiss, Jennifer George, JoUv Patel 

PR Chair: Moo Sultan 

Legislative Chairpersons: Kerri Temple, Sean Carlton 

Social Chairpersons: Krlsten Gallaher, Olivia Longest 

Membership Chair: Nate Po\\ eii 
Fundraising Chairpersons: 

Leska Webb, Ashley Varney 
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Amy Whitaker 

APhA-ASP Mid-Year Regional ivieeting 

Comes to RiClimOnd, VA. On November 3 5, 
2006, over 200 student pharmacists within the Mid- 
Atlantic region traveled to Richmond to network, 
discuss current issues in pharmacy and elect new 
regional officers. The meeting began on Friday 
afternoon with the chapter roundtable to discuss 
ideas with other chapters, followed by the 
Apothecary Carnival themed social. On Saturday and 
Sunday, of 43 policies discussed, eight were passed 
from the region to be sent to the resolutions 
committee prior to the annual meeting in Atlanta, 
Georgia on March 16 - 19, 2007. The meeting 
committee worked very hard and did a wonderful 
job organizing the event, under the direction of P3 
Kerri Temple, the MRM coordinator. 



The Student Chapter of the Virginia Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists 

WnSir IS SVSHP? SVSHP is a student organization for those interested in learning more about health-system 
pharmacy. There are monthly meetings at which various speakers from the medical field discuss topics pertinent to the 
practice of health-system pharmacy as well as other health care pharmacy practices. Members have tremendous 
opportimities for involvement by choosing speakers and topics and by serving in leadership roles. Health-system pharmaci| 
is not just restricted to hospital pharmacy. It encompasses other career fields such as long-term care, ambulatory care 
clinics, home infusion clinics. 

Q. What was your favorite memory this 
past year? 

A. "Going to Midyear Clinical Meeting in 
Anaheim, CA to learn about opportunities in 

the pharmacy field and the Brown Bag 

Counseling/ Blood Pressure screening during 

Pharmacy Week at MCV. " 

Lisa Vo, P3 

2006 - 2007 OFFICERS 

President: Lisa Vo 

President-Elect: Paul Hansen 

Vice President: Jaime Robenolt 

Secretary: Sarah Burr 

Treasurer: Michelle Poore 

Membersliip Chair & 
Webmaster: Michael Bayas 

Top Left: Larry 

Weiss (P2) hands 
out candies in 
bottles on 
Legislative Day. 

Far left: 

Edwards (P3) 
donates blood to 
the Virginia 
Blood Services! 
Left: Past, 
present and 
presidents of 

Anaheim, CA. 

Bottom row: 

SVSHPs brown 
bag services at 
the AD Williams 

Alaleh Khah (P3) 

P3's Erika Arbogast & Jaime Robenolt 

Jennifer Austin (PI), Jenni Witten (PI) 
& Ashley Lewis (P4) 




The Student Chapter of the National Community Pharmacists Association 

What is SACP? SACP is the student chapter of the National Conimunity Pharmacists Association (NCPA). NCPA 
was founded in 1898 to be an integral part of and represent independent pharmacy and its needs. It is highly recognized for 
its continued involvement in politics and community. NCPA works with other organizations to be a unified voice for 
pharmacy and issues a pharmacist must face. NCPA provides direction for community pharmacy both in business and 

2006 - 2007 OFFICERS 

President: Melissa Carroll 
Secretary: Molly Zeiler 
Treasurer: Valerie Cutlip 

Community Outreach Chair Sahar Karimi 

webmaster: Da\id Clopton 

SACP Accomplishments, 2006 - 2007 

The VCU chapter won a scholarship at the National Community 

Pharmacists Association Aruiual Conference in Las Vegas, NV for 

having student-pharmacists from our chapter in attendance. Three 

officers attended the conference this year. 

In addition, SACP organized student-pharmacist vokmteers to 

teach preschool children the dangers of poisons during National 

Poison Prevention Week in March. Last year, 320 children across 

the entire Richmond-Metro area were reached in their efforts with 

the Poison Center at MCV Campus! 

Q. What was your favorite memory this year? 

A. "Talking to people in the Gatezoay building about 
Smoking Cessation and the Great American Smokeout. 

Some people walked away considering quitting 

smoking for the first time, or trying to quit again. That 

was really rezvarding!" 

Melissa Carroll, P2 

Above: Fall, Open House. SACP 
members educated friends and 
family of Pis on Alzheimer's 
disease. LR: P2's TingTing Lin, 
Huyen Nguyen and Molly Zeiler 

Left: Poison Prevention. SACP 

members went out into the 
community to educate children on 
the dangers of common household 
chemicals. LR: P2's Melissa Carroll, 
Kara Butler, David Clopton, and 
Toni Coe. 



The Capsule 

the School of Pharmacy Newsletter 

What is the Capsule? 

The Capsule is the VCU-MCV School of Pharmacy Newsletter. We represent 

the studerit pharmacist voice and exist to inform the School of Pharmacy 

students and faculty of organization projects, individual accomplishments 

and other changes affecting our community. We strive in all cases to uphold 

a sense of journalistic iiitegrity and provide our students with a creative 

outlet in journalism. 

Just two years ago, the Capsule was comprised of two members: its Editor in 

Chief and Assistant Editor. In 2006, the structure of tJie Capsule was 

reorganized to better achieve its mission of empowering the student voice. 

For the first tirae, by-laws were written, a journalistic code of ethics was 

adopted and more student writers were recruited. The 2006 - 2007 academic 

year marks an important time of growth for tlie Capsule and the beginning of 

a bright future for our small but growing organization. 

2006 - 2007 



Editor in Chief '06 

Christine Ha 

Asst. Editor '06 Assistant Editor '06 Assistant Editor '07 
co-Editor in Chief '07 Co-Editor in Chief '07 

Kristen Elliot Patricia Rogers-Babin Kathleen Hidalgo 

S'tdff Reviews | Sports I Clerkships I Writer writer writeri 

Jonathan Cheung Joshua Crawford Dr. Rollin Ballentine EnkoTelahun Jennifer Neal David Trii 

r*" the % 1 "? W 


ci..».f^«.6 P 2 Lottery Jitters 

Organization News 










SSl':'., . ■ KW"^ 


■ , ' ■ "■■■"ronii'v^ 


■;;;'— "'"'■'"""t?.^-. Wars^B 


'"S'Jif^'e^] -^ fcSSi^rf^B 

/i ,.,. bv.5.....^B«n ,i.fLS«.i-^ ^^M 

'iJi "'" 

,....,.- .^ 1^- 

9SSf i*«or.oJrfVarr/orfVrnmJKo«n*<*ni(*fWjiT( 





ixJiidb^^'^r' isx^iSkSi^ib 

Ij*rti:^LL"!V'l!l^i^'-"i' ' 



sisstr«s^»»- £^!^"**"*^ 


jS^&g^ ; js^^gj^ 




lii^Si^'bSSs.'jtfc, wte^rf^SrJrtii?' 


t^JU|.fet^»_.*^ ;faW^2|*-««««^ 


■^^MalkTi!!^ : 


~«1,«. .1-1*1 


Phi Delta Chi 

Alpha Delta Chapter 

Professional Pharmacy Fraternity 

'nam ■'^lllnm -'^iayilw i'ji^ft - "tm-li ^y/'mL; llic ■^kclh 




What Is PHI DELTA CHI? Founded on November 2, 1883 at the university of Michigan School of Pharmacy, (DAX 

was one of the first pharmacy fraternities. The fraternity exists to ad\'ance the science of pharmacy by fostering and promoting 

a fraternal spirit among the brothers. Eventually, tI>AX helped create the Rho Chi Honor Society and Phi Lambda Leadership 

Society. With are over 60 chapters nation wide, OAX became co-ed in 1975 after Title IX of the Education Act was passed, 

applicable to all professional fraternities and sororities. 

2006 - 2007 OFFICERS 

Worthy Chief Counselor: Sarah Houser 
worthy Vice Counselor: Amanda Haga 
Worthy Keeper of Records and Seals: 

Patrick Combs 

Worthy Keeper of Finance: Moo Sultan 

Worthy Correspondent: Carl Johnson 

Worthy Alumni Liason: Nate Powell 

worthy Prelate: Holly Webb 

worthy Master of Arms: Adam Norris 

worthy inner Guard: Denise Lum 

Top Right: Amanda Haga (P3) washes a 
Harlev during PDC's first ever Bike Wash 
Top Left: P2s Nancy Nguyen & Kristen 

Inter-Fraternity Council 

Luau 2006 


Kappa Psi 

Theta Chapter 

Professional Pharmacy Fraternity 

V^e foi ■^// and -S^// foi 0ne' 

What is KAPPA PSI? Founded in 1879, Kappa Psi is the oldest and largest pharmaceutical fraternity in the 
nation. Kappa Psi's mission is of community involvement through professional activities. In addition. Kappa Psi strives to 
foster scholarships and mutually benefits all members through industry, sobriety, fellowship and high ideals. The Theta 
Chapter was installed on July 30, 1921. Included in their many community involvements is an annual golf tournament and 
putt-putt tournament both of which are fundraisers supporting the ALS Society of Richmond. 


Regent: Joshua Crawford > 
,'■'' 1st Vice Regent: Peter Wills 
2nd Vice Regent: Jonathan LaFrenaye 
Sergeant at Arms: Ayoyinka Ojutalayo 

t Secretary: Lawrence Gonzales 
Alumni Liason: David Delong | 
';:^ Historian: Matt Staples 

■r Pledge Educator: Mike Davis 
Alumni Representative: Da\ id Delong 
IFC Representative: Ryan Left^ich 
Chaplain: Vikas Arora 

Above: Kappa Psi Brothers are easily spotted 
aroimd school by their dashing good looks, 
charm and mtelligence. 

Above: Annual Kappa Psi Golf Tournament. LR: Dr. Brandon Jennings, Patrick Powell (P4), Litz 
Pastrikos (P4), Lawrence Lopez (P3), Lee Clodfelter {P4) 

Left: These brothers took a pie in the face! Dr. Andrew Frasco, Matt Myers (P4), Dr. Mark Hardgrove 

Featured Kappa Psi Event: Chili Cook-Off 2006. 

The Chili Cook-Off is one of several annual events hosted by Kl' Brothers, open to all 
School of Pharmacy students and faculty. KE and K^ hopefuls enter the contest for 
three coveted awards: Hottest Chili, Crowd Favorite and Judges' Favorite. 

Above: Former Regent Lawrence Lopez (P3) can'l resist a challenge. He chooses a hot chili 
contender labeled "Baby, Let Me Light Your Fire: Goes in Strong, Comes Out Wrong." 
Apparently, the sign wasn't lying. Lopez makes a run for the bathroom. 

Left: Crowd pleaser & Judge favorite, Brother Mike Davis (P3) with fellow Brother Matt 
Staples (P2) playing his damsel in distress. The secret to Davis' recipe'? Why, his guns of course. 
Also awarded is the Hottest Chili Award, won this year by Adrian Wilson (PI). 

Kappa Epsiloii1<T7 

Tau Chapter -M^ ^M ' 

Professional Pharmacy Fraternity 

"^o(^mlo Sis;o &um - "g) llunli, lheAefoie,j q) am 

Uvhat is KAPPA EPSILON? Founded in 1921, Kappa Epsllon is a nationwide organization, including o\er l(-),l)()0 

members. Their mission is to unite women in the profession of pharmacy, stimulate a desire for high scholarship, foster a 

professional consciousness, and to provide a bond of lasting friendship. The Tau chapter at VCU Medical College of Virginia 

Campus includes over 70 members and is involved in many community, social, and professional activities. 

On November 9, 2006, KE threw their first 
e\'er "Skate for the Cure" event for breast 
cancer awareness. The '80s inspired theme 
brought the ladies back to their side 
ponytail, blue eyeshadow, Trapper Keeper 
touting days— on wheels! All proceeds 
from the event were donated to the Susan 
G. Komen foundation, in line with their 
national breast cancer awareness 
campaign. By the end of the night, KE had 
raised nearly $1000. Clearly the event was 
a huge success. 

Bottom right: KE sisters 
Bottom left: David DeLong (P2) & Lynn 

Upper left: Jen Thomas (P2), Jayme 
ones (P3) & Moo Sultan (P3) 
Upper center: Danielle Jennings (P2), 
Kath\' Outten (P4) & Michelle Poore (P3) 
Upper right: Lynn Silyagi (PI) & Robin 
Davis (PI) 



Christian Pliarmacists Feilowsliip international 

Wiiat is CPFI? 

The Christian Pharmacists Fellowship international (CPFI) was officially established in Virginia in 1984. Christian 
Pharmacist Fellowship International is a worldwide, interdenominational ministry of individuals working in all areas 
of pharmaceutical service and practice. CPFI's mission is to help pharmacy professionals grow spiritually and promote 
fellowship among pharmacists. They also encourage the advancement of knowledge and ethics in the practice of 
pharmacy, as well as integration of faith into the practice of pharmacy. 

Christian Pharmacists Fellowship International (CPFI) has reappeared on the MCV Campus after having been dormant 
for a number of years. With the encouragement and help of Dr. Gerk and Dean Reinders, a group of students who all 
shared a desire for fellowship during the week were able to take the first steps towards restarting the organization last 

With a group of officers and an organizational charter in place, CPFI began regular meetings last fall. After it was clear 
that the organization was not just a "spring fancy," CPFI applied for membership to the Student Executive Council, and 
the application was approved in November 2006. We are excited to have been validated as an active student 
organization within the VCU School of Pharmacy. We will be participating in the upcoming Health Fair with other 
organizations, and are planning outreach activities for group members to become involved with. 

2006 - 2007 OFFICERS 


David Clopton 

Vice President 

Stan Harris 


Sheilla Gordon 


Timothy King 

Events Coordinator 

Catrina Hairston 

Student Body Leadership 

the VCU School of Pharmacy 

Much of the success of school events is owed to strong student leadership. One of the highest leadership honors in the 
School of Pharmacy is to be recognized by the student body as President and Vice President. Overseeing the activities of 
over 480 students can certainly be a challenging task. This year's student body leadership rose to the challenge and worked 
diligently throughout the year with the Deans and students alike to create a positive experience for all. 

Student Body President Michaiah Parker -worked closeli/ with the student bodxj Vice 
President, student organization leaders, and the Deans, to facilitate the planning of school 
events. Among many other responsibilities, she organized class elections, the PI class 
welcome and maintained the schedule of student events of the School of Pharmacy year- 

Student Body Vice President Ayoyinka Ojutalayo worked closely with all student committee 

chairs for events like Open House and Interdisciplinary Skills Competition. Additionally, he 

successfully planned and organized the Fall and Spring Pharmacy School Picnics. These 

, 9^ picnics feature several student traditions, including the inter-class Tug-of-War. 



Michaiah Parker 

Vice President 

Ayoyinka Ojutalayo 

Delta Sigma 

■-Vl •//./" C^/Lpi!if ^c'//it )nt< the first pwtcsswihd Ji'iiLd 

ihdm/ilx^ lOiJ )no' knaiJeJ ui 1882 itt the n.Bii!rtrsity of 

OWicliiifcni . C57 liiu bcXiVnc a trnhj uitcniii'tunkd 

oniaiiizci'tiivi. (jV(' hnr Lpudikxte clurpters in imv/y 

anii/tniy ifLvhf nitli onr tliiitx'' uiidei'^'adiitxte chiTpters batted 

at dental sehoob in the IHnited QS^tates 

''CJie wenhy ,foab ot'the ihvtmnt}: itie to keep hujh stinidnd- 
ofdentistiy iOid to adivarte cx spirit offrftenialcooperiilion 

tomttd scientili'e ethiCtd iwd professional pwcpess. Qf-^ou mil 
tine I tlh it the nh nty iheih h you /« tke m ^elt r 0^/cpn, r 

delta tiy to Inr ly these nvrdf in their dxilp professuvial Laid 
personal actiiities 




< « • : • 

H i 1 



'^eba Q$)i07tia '^elta was established b^ fccr- 
sig'hted professicmab men with visicm who 

possessed ^ desire to render d^ best dental 
services in the highest professional manner. (S^t 
was intended to brin^ together not on^ the most 
talented students of dentistry while in school, but 
by the establishment of the Q^upreme &hapter, 
it brought in the outstanding teachers and 

Special OiyMpfa Vf'rg'fnia 



Psi Omega 

fa Otm^ le a deridd fratsonity at tha VCU 

Schod of PottOatry. Tha ObpcWas oP tihie 

frant!»tatfy are to maSrttaSn stki »i^ano» Hie ht^ 

^t^OKlatde of dorAH^fJry by toeitMn^ In H>0 

modbete th» epttt of fratetmi ooopor^tHon ani 

to ewtt tte bdiu0no» for HiS aif/anootnait of 

ii\» dontd profeedkjn In Ite meithoeh of te&dhSn^f 

of pracA!kj&, of reeeardhf of dUiloef atki of 

Cosmetic Dental 

'T^w Q^&<1.1 &o.melic Cental &liib wds foimJed w 200S h S sliuiom 

in the &kss of 2007. dhlvr ui iL^ second petv: the Cosmetic Cental &liih 

continues to thnre under ib' cunrnt otticets ''OJie Ljoalofthe club is to proride 

students nith if bejinnuhj knon-k\ije itiid dnre tommis the lieU of cosmetic 

dentistij;. 'XyJie O^osmetic ^enta/ &liib prondes the hisic ibundition on 

n-hich studetits c<vi buili the bcijinnincj ot'a nvndeilul aneei' centeied on a 

nvrU thiit IS dnren In: cosmetics ''Olie club sponsors S-8 e^rnb: each school 

pecv that biiiiij m compcmies or specialist thxt tve on the cultiikj edtje of 

cosmetic dentistiy. <3,ach pccV the club kts been t'oitiohxte to hnr ^r 

O^itrtei' ^ei'kimon ^r, one of the hiMnj dentisU in cosmetic dentistrp on 

the (S.iisl C^OcO't sponsor a Hvekend implmt semniin: ^uiinj- the C^piincf 

2007 semester the club had ^niisalhjn. a nor orthodontic technohjp 

compivip, come to pnnide J 00 Q&tiuienb nith tree ceititidrtion diaiiiL-f a 

weekejhi event 

^J6 ^osmetic ■^oital &lub ha^ come from humble becpnnincfs md 
continues to make ^ eat strides in national recogmtion nithin it<: shoit 2 pCiii' 
histoip. (25^ will be an exciting time to see wliat the club achieves in the peais 

to come 


VCU School of Medicine 

PhiLriuiiOolo^y cc 

Tozlcology Sjiudtnt 


Graduate Studies 


The PTSO, governed by and for the departmental 
students, seeks to fulfill the following goals: 

a. To welcome and orient new students to our 

b. To serve as liaison between facidty and students in 
situations zohen such assistance is requested or 

c. To plan and coordinate educational and social 
events to foster departmental interaction; 

d. To provide the departmental students with 
opportunities to participate in community service in 
areas related to science; 

e. As student-elected representatives, to voice the 
concerns of the department's students in institute- 
wide issues. 


The membership of PTSO shall consist of all students 
in the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology 
at Virginia Commomvealth University, Medical 
College of Virginia Campus. 


President: Chris Sheth 

Vice President: Scott Lawrence 

Secretary: Aditi Pandya 

Treasurer: Cortney Heyer 

Library Representative: Kia Jackson 

SGA Representative: Amy Shaw 

Honor Council Representative: Dena Kota 


^tuderd (^/i^(Mdes ,^?isdociaiion 

To assume responsibility for contributing to 
nursing education in order to provide for the 
highest quality health care. 

To provide programs representative of 
fundamental and current professional interests and 

To aid in the development of the whole person, 
his/her professional role, and his/her responsibility 
for the health care of people in all walks of life. 

Chantel Skipper 

Portia Brown 

Kristen Filler 

Kathleen Miltner 

Heather Kirchmann 

CfoAs f»f 2007 

President: Hilary Willson, Vice President: Erica White, Secretary: Ashley Amey, Treasurer: Stefano Barretc 

Our class represents both the heart and the 
future of occupational therapy. Each member 

is an essential piece of the puzzle, bringing 

diversity and innovation to the profession. As 

we embarl< on our fieldworks and become 

practicing therapists, we will dedicate 

ourselves to help bring the field of 

occupational therapy to its full potential. 

"Man, through the use of his hands, as they 

are energized by mind and will, can influence 

the state of his own health." Mary Reilly 

Hilary P. Willson 
President, OT Class 2007 

efcMAA of 2f)OS 

President: Hillarie Street, Vice President: Sarali Collins, 
Secretary: Megan Bailes, Treasurer: Megan Snowa 

^dem^ Occufatumsi 


The Student Occupational Therapy 

Association (SOTA) of VCU is a 

student-led organization on the MCV 

Campus. Consisting of over forty-five 

members, SOTA represents and promotes 

the profession of occupational therapy by 

participating in a variety of activities and 

events throughout the year at local, state, 

and national levels. These activities include 

advocacy, fundraising, leadership, 

education, annual conferences, and 

community service projects. SOTA prides 

itself in its active and continual 

involvement with both the American 

Occupational Therapy Association and the 

Virginia Occupational therapy Association. 


President: Melissa Glass 

Vice President: Heather Kloepping 

Secretary: Katie DeWeerd 

Treasurer: Laura Downey 


The mission of Pi Theta Epsilon is to 

support the development of 

occupational sciences and the 

practice of authentic occupational 

therapy by promoting research and 

other scholarly activities by its 


In this way, the organization serves 

not only the profession, but also 

helps to insure quality health care 

services for the general public. 


President: Jess Karan 

Vice President: Heather Armstrong 

Secretary: Hilary Willson 

Treasurer: Katie DeWeerd 

Top Row: Sandy Cash, Erica White. Kelly Lefler, Nikki 

Juergensen, Heather Armstrong. Katie DeWeerd 
Bottom Row: Jess Karan. Hilary Willson, Ashley Amey 


Sigma Phi Omega 

Everyone is Welcome at SPO events 

Gerontology students often bring along 

significant others and family members 

to SPO socials and events. Participants 

in the Department's Elder Friends 

program are also always intivted! 

This year, many SPO members 

participated in at least one 5K race per 

month over the summer and fall, as 

well as the Alzheimer's Association 

Memory Walk and the NAMI Walk. 


SPO 2006-2007 Activities 

IPO has had a very active year. The big summer 
vent was the Fiesta cookout, complete with a pinata! 
>uring the fall semester, SPO members worked 
losesly with the Senior Center: A Community 
'artnership, helping to clean and prepare for the 
eopening, as well as planning the Halloween party, 
lie November birthday luncheon, and the holiday 
ecorating party. Fundraising was a major focus of 
he Fall semester. The group created scrapbooks and 
ookbooks for sale, in addition to two very successful 
ake sales. SPO provided scholarships for three 
lembers to attend the GSA conference in Dallas, 
'exas, in November, and for two students to attend the 
lGHE Conference in Portland, Oregon in the spring. 

SPO Socials 

Socials for the semester included 
painting pottery at All Fired Up. 
attending a VCU Women's basketball 
game, and plenty of parties and dinners 

SPO Partners with the Senior Center 

One of the highlights of the year for 
SPO members was planning the 
Hallow een Party for members of the 
Senior Center: A Community 


Geriatric Student Interest Group 

"The Geriatric Student Interest Group was established to expose and increase awareness of Geriatric 
Medicine to our medical students... and we have fun doing it! In the fall. Mis and M2s went to Seven 
Hills Health Care Center and organized a few arts and crafts activities during Thanksgiving. In 
December, we returned back to Seven Hills as well as Linwood Robinson Senior Center for caroling. 
The spring was just as exciting with the annual photo contest keeping our students creative and literally 
on their feet with the ballroom dancing event held later that semester. Next year should be just as 
exciting as a whole new set of officers will continue the tradition in bringing light to this very special 
field of medicine." 

Love, Charlotte Gregory and Brian Le, GSIG Co-Presidents 


MCV Campus Intramurals 

Intramurals are organized by the VCU Recreational Sports. Tiiey offer tournaments in the 
various sports including Basketball, Dodgeball, Flag Footbal, Soccor, Softball, Ultimate Frisbee, 
Volleyball and of course a Canadian favie Floor Hockey. On the MCV Campus, teams are 
formed of classmates within the same program or within each school. Stakes are high during 
events as each team fights for school or class pride and for bragging rights. The champions earn 
and win a sweet t-shirt to commemorate their victory. 



Honduras Outreach Medical Brigada Relief Effort 

Honduras Outreach Medical Brigada Relief Effort (HOMBRE) is a non-profit organization 
established at MCV in 2000. Throughout the school year, the students fundraise for funds to 
cover the cost of medicine and supplies used in providing medical care to those in need in 
Honduras. Medical students and physicians devote half a month of their summer to providing 
medical care. 



Students Making It a Little Easier 

!\bove: Future pediatrician in the making? 

Sponsored by the American Cancer Society, S.M.I.L.E is an MCV student organization 
that pairs first and second year medical students with MCV Hospital pediatric cancer 
patients and the patients' siblings. The program's goal is to provide the pediatric patients 
with an opportunity to simply "be kids" through fun group activities such as ice skating 
and crafting. The program annually sponsors a trip to the ice skating rink for the patients 
as well as coordinating fun craft events and trips to Chuck E. Cheese's. 



Women in Medicine Student Organization 

HueuENO' High School 
Young Women's Health Day 

The Women in Medicine Student Organization (WIMSO) was established in July 2005. Since 
then, the group has been active in promoting women's health issues through a series of lectures 
and awareness days. The group has fostered leadership experiences by establishing officer 
positions to lead a group of over 65 students. WIMSO has been involved in community and 
campus leadership through representation with faculty and student government groups. The 
success of WIMSO is evident by the large positive response of students and community. 


Skull and Bones 

The MCV Campus Newspaper 

The faces behind the voice of Skull and Bones: Matt Morgan, Heather Katebini, 
Kevin Lee, Van Ta. (not pictured are Kristin Ondecko and Kenny Schoolmeester) 

Skull and Bones is a student initiated MCV journal published quarterly on campus. This 
journal publishes artwork, poetry, and stories from faculty and students affiliated with the 
MCV campus. 

The crew cutting loose and tapping into their creative mojo. 


Student Family Medicine Association I 

Members of SFMA together at 

the Department of Family 

Medicine located in West 

Hospital. Members taking a break at the Swansboro Health Fair. 

SFMA Mexica Party 

Enjoying the outdoors at the Buckingham Lodge Retreat 

The Student Family Medicine Association (SFMA) at MCV provides interested medical students 
the opportunity to gain educational experience and exposure to the field of Family Medicine. 
Students interact with Family Medicine faculty members and residents to learn more information 
about the field as well as strengthening their leadership skills. 


School of Medicine Tour Guides 

9 r\ ^ 


2006-2007 Tour Guides 
Directors (L to R): 
Olakunle Idowu, Sara 
Ivey, Kevin Lee 

The School of Medicine Tour Guides are a group of second year medical 
students selected to represent the diverse student body at the MCV 
School of Medicine. They assist the administration and admissions 
committee in guiding tour groups around the MCV campus and showing 
potential applicants, interviewees, and interested public with the history 
and campus of the medical school. 

Tour Guide Teams 2006-2007 

Ezinne Akamiro & David Buxton 

Jemilat Badamas & Andrew Scharf 

Tasneem Bholat & Stuart Bertsch 

Aditi Dhakar & Branden Engorn 

Marie Rodgers & Joshua Belcher 

Priya Gowda & Jean Gingras 

Ewa Halama & All Khan 

Lauren Nikki Huddle & Marc Caligtan 

Sara Ivey & Brian "The Prion" Le 

Kathryn King & Olakunle Idowu 

Melissa Lau & James Ebertowski 

Darshita Patel & Phillip Max Dewitt 

Jessica Randolph & Nathan Mclaughlin 

Kelly Ruhstaller & Kevin Lee 

Diana Samuel & James Wilson 

Catherine Schuller & Bijan Navidi 

Audra Jo Seargent & Tejas Patel 

Whitney Sullivan-Lewis & Jerrod Quarles 

Ann Miller-Wilson & All Qurraie 

Julie Ziobro & Sonia Bahlani 

■NOVA Medical Campus 

VCU School of Medicine 


What is the INOVA Medical Campus? 

VCU School of Medicine has developed a relationship with Fairfax Hospital to provide its students with many 
unique opportunities, including clinical experience in one of the best hospitals in the country with a long tradition 
of educating medical students and residents. This relationship also affords the opportunity for new collaborative 
research efforts in medical outcomes and biotechnology. 

Who goes to the INOVA Medical Campus? 

About 20-30 medical students from each class spend their last two years on the INOVA Medical Campus. The 
inpatient clinical experience during the third year is spent entirely at Fairfax Hospital. Outpatient clinical 
experience is spent at Fairfax Hospital outpatient clinics and the offices of private practitioners in the community. 
Up to six months of elective experience can be spent at Fairfax Hospital during the fourth year. 

Dr. Russell Seneca, M.D. 
Associate Dean 
VCU School of Medicine 
INOVA Campus 

Dr. Craig Cheifetz, M.D. 
Assistant Dean 
VCU School of Medicine 
INOVA Campus 

Medical Class of 2007 

Vice President: Priya Bliatia 
Curriculum Rep: Moliammed Shafie 
Treasurer: Virginia Park 
Honor Council: Georgina Owusuasiedu 

President (MOV Campus VP)- 

Zeina Saliba 

Secretary/Treasurer- Jennifer 


Honor- Seth Gale 

Curriculum Rep- Sumbul Ahmad 

Medical Class of 2008 


Babak Tabatabai drawing blood 
from John Hornick 

. Seneca demonstrating 
uring techniques to Andy 
on, class of 2008 


Clinical Skills Day. Pictured Left to Right: Quincy Iran, 
Adnan Khan, and Wendy Woo. 

ainical Skills Day 

Medical Class of 2007 

Pediatric Holiday Cards. Pictured from Left to Right are; Georgina 
Owusu-Asiedu. Ricky Piene. Ashok Krishnan. and Babak Tabatabai 

\ / ^ \ I I 



Medical Group Management Association 

Class of 2008 and 2009 MGMA Officers at the 2007 MGMA Spring Event 

Front row: Jan Clement, Ph.D.. Megan Moore ('06), Jennifer Weddle ('96), Annie Yelich ('08), Nate Carroll ('08) 
Back row: Jim Perkins ('79), Zach Reed ("09), A.J. Brooks ('09), Jeff Sollis ('09), Matt Gitzinger ('08) 


MGMA President Annie Yelich and Vice President 
Matt Gitzinger with the Class of 2008 President William ; 
Haugh and Vice President Will Windham. 

Alumni/ae of the MHA Program were invited to 
come speak about group practice administration 
during the 2007 MGMA Spring Event. Seated 
left to right, Megan Moore ('06) of Riverside 
Physician Associates , Jim Perkins (79) of West 
End Orthhopedics and Jennifer Weddle ('96) of 
Richmond Plastic Surgeons . 



A Student Chapter of the Central Virginia Healthcare Executive Group 

Each fall the VCU student chapter of 
CVHEG hosts senior level healthcare 
executives from across the country 
during Preceptor Days. Preceptor Days 
are an opportunity for second-year MHA 
students to interview for residency 
positions with various types of 
organizations, including major hospital 
systems, such as HCA and Bon Secours. 
First-year MHA students coordinate the 
event and serve as volunteers. 

American College of Healthcare Executives 

CVHEG is a regional group of the national professional 
organization, the American College of Healthcare Executives 
ACHE). Students attend the annual ACHE Congress on 
Healthcare Leadership each year, which serves as a valuable 
learning experience and a forum for professional networking. 


The X-Ray Staff 

tffV I A^UWU/f S0KWt 

Editor-in-Chief Asst. Editor-in-Chief Photography Editor 

Peter Nguyen 
MD/PhD Program 
Dept. Pharmacology < 

Denise Canonizado 
Medicine 2008 

Woon Chow 
MD/PhD Program 
Dept. Anatomy & 



Rizza Abella 
Nursing 2007 

Sarah Coble 
Master in 
Gerontology 2007 

Christine Ha 
Pharmacy 2008 

Tamera Hairston 
Therapy 2007 

f i^ 1 

^ .^^ "1 





Preeti Kansal 
Dentistry 2010 

Sarah Kim 
Therapy 2007 

Brian "The Lion" Le 
Medicine 2009 

Jenifer Murphy 
Master of Health 
Administration 200J 

$0 bn0 io L-amck 
$tudent Cental — the 
old home ef theX-^aq 
and Mcy Camfws $^A 











Ocmiwiliomil ^Imafm 

As future occupational 

therapists, we strive to 

solve problems through 

the use of valued 

occupations, which 

allow our clients to live 

as independently as 


"^Im 4 2007 



Master of 



K ''^m^^i 



^^^^^^^i^~ >j^ ''" 


^1 j^^H^^^s^^^Bi'? ^^ 

fW^^^H^r v^l^H 


fiii ^ 






^oded 4|/ the . //^^Jlcal ^las,'>eo of \ 
200Z df ^OOS ^—^ 




Dear Students: 

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to this edition of X-Ray. Virginia 
Commonwealth University is proud of the more than 4,000 students and 
residents who are studying here for careers in allied health professions, 
dentistry, medicine, nursing and pharmacy. Our academic schools and the 
VCU Health System make us one of the most comprehensive academic 
medical centers in the nation. 

Your faculty continue to attract national recognition for excellence in 
professional and graduate education as well as in the life sciences. They 
are involved in all aspects of your education - in the classroom, in the 
laboratory and with patients - and they are involved in enhancing life 
sciences teaching, research and public education throughout the University. 
The array of nationally and internationally recognized faculty working on 
new discoveries and their applications in the health sciences is one of the 
many benefits of your education here. 

Our reputation for excellence is based on the tremendous accomplishments 
of both our faculty and you, our students - and it is a reputation built on 
more than 150 years of innovation and vision. Indeed, we have a long and 
rich history, and I was delighted to honor our heritage at the recent Grand 
Re-Opening of the Hunton Student Center. Not only does the Hunton 
Student Center serve as a wonderful gathering place for students, but the 
historical panels now on display serve to remind us of the many people and 
events that have helped to shape who we are today. 

It is my hope that the strength of your education will carry you forward to a 
promising future. I am delighted that you chose VCU as the place to pursue 
your education. Best wishes to you on your studies and congratulations to 
those of you who will be earning your degrees this May! 


Eugene P. Trani 


Virginia Commonwealth University 

President and Chair of the Board of 
Directors, VCU Health System 

Chile mung chiic mirng 

Dugc tin mirng 

Nguyen Trinh The Hanh, M.D. 

Da tot nghiep tir tiarong y klioa 

Medical College of Virginia School of Medicine 

Toan the sia dinh hanh dien 

Ba Ma Nguyen \'an Hien. PE \a Trinh Thi Dung 

Chi Nguyen Trinli Tliiiy Hiiynh, M.D.. Nguyen Phi Himg, M.D. 

Va chau Nguyen Phi Ai-Lnili 

Anh Nguyen Trinli The Hien, M.D.. Le Diem-Klianli, M.D. 

Va hai chau Nguyen The Nam Tran, Nguyen Tlie Huv Khoi 

Chi Nguyen Trinli Tliuy Hoa, M.D. 

Va iiieo Nguyen Trinli Scarlett 

\"a cho cua BS Hanh. Nguyen Trinli Lilly 

Consratulations Consratulations 

Hanli The-Trnih Nguyen. M.D. 

for graduating from the Medical College of Virginia School of Medicine 

Our entire family is veiy proud of you. 

Mom, Dad, Huynli, Phi. Ai-Linli. Hien, Khanh, Nam Tran, Huy Khoi, 
Hoa, Scarlett, Lilly. 

Lilly Nguyen 


Congratulations and Love 
to our daughter and sister 

Tracey Renee Giles 

We are proud of all your accomplishments 

Love Always 

Mom, Dad and Mark Anthony 

Remember Phil. 1:6 and Prov. 3:5-6 


To our loving mother and to 
my wife 

Tracey Renee Giles 

Many years ago the little girl 

in you dreamed a dream, nowi 

that dream is a reality. 

Love always, 

Isaiah, Noah, Alivia & Tony 

^on^udulalioth') ^louiceij ij'deJ 

^Valclun^ ma ootv ufi hw> 
Imu^hl me. much ioij, jiiide 
and kajililiie^'i time dmn ma 
will etwA kmiLK 

yoai 'S^lanl SSadma 

God has made you to be a beautiful, smart women. 
You have been faithful to your work and your 
studies, and it has paid off. 

You never seem to amaze me of all the things that 
you have accomplished. 

God has a special purpose for you. But this is just 
only the beginning. 

Just be no one else but "you". Give it all that you 
got. Just watch & see how much higher that God is 
going to take you. 

We love you. We are very proud of you. Just keep 
God in your heart because he will never fail you. 

We Love You, 
"The Family" 

Best Wishes 
Love, Corey 

Keep reaching for the stars! 
Love your sister, Christina 

IVlay God Bless you in your 


Uncle Richard, Aunt 

Bonnie & Family 


/ou were always 
50 ambitious. We 
are proud of you 
and all that you 



lA/ith All our love. 

Dad, Mom and 

Daddy Wayne 


iood Luck in your career! 
lobert, Aimee, Annabelle, 
atricia and "Muncie" 

Much success in 
all you endeavor 
to do in life. We 
love you. 
Uncle Bobby & 

-Aunt Teresa, 
James and 

We are so 
proud of you 
for achieving 
your goal. 

Uncle Lee, 
Aunt Donna 
and Brent 

We are so very proud of 

you! May you continue to 

be successful In all you 

do in the future. 

Love you, 

"Pop", "Nanny", and Doris 

When the night has come and the land is dark 
And the moon is the only light we see. 
Oh, I won't be afraid, no I won't be afraid. 
Just as long as you stand, stand by me. 

If the sky that we look upon should tumble and fall 
And the mountains should crumble into the sea 
I won't cry, I won't cry, no I won't shed a tear. 
Just as long as you stand, stand by me. 

Beans - 1 mean! Love, Twigs 

Lord, make us instruments of your peace. Where there is hatred, let 
us sow love: where there is injury, pardon; where there is discord, 
union; where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope; where 
there is darkness, light; where there is sadness, joy. Grant that we 
may not so much seek to be consoled as to console; to be 
understood as to understand; to be loved as to love. For it is in giving 
that we receive; it is in pardoning that we are pardoned; and it is in 
dying that we are born to eternal life. 

Kathleen - Our pride in 
your accomplishments 
knows no bounds. To be 
your parents is a joy! With 
all our love. Mom and Dad 

'Z^ our daiiin^ 
iau^hter Q^ashika 

Congratulations and 
Best Wishes on your 

We are very proud of 

IVIay God Bless and 
guide you always 


Thathie & Ammie 

To my darling daughter: 

I am so proud of you. God has 
truly blessed you. You started 
out in a storm, and you were 
blessed to make it through with 
honors. Your father would have 
been so proud of you! I Thank 
God for you daily and I love you 
with all my heart. 


We are extremely proud of our son who has 
given us so many years of joy and 
happiness. As we look back over the past 
25 years, from the day he was born to his 
first day at school, the soccer games, the 
end-of-year school awards, high school 
graduation, on to college and so on, we 
have many fond memories of the times 
which seem like yesterday. As he graduates 
and embarks on his professional career, we 
wish him much luck and look forward to 
celebrating his future successes. 


We are so proud 
of you. Your Hard 
work and 
dedication has 
paid off. You are a 
true blessing from 
God. May all your 
dreams come true. 

We Love you. 
Mom & Dad 

Heart of compassion 
Smile of Warmth 
Hands of tenderness 
Wisdom and grace 

From Crabber to Hokie 
Bird and Ram to 
Practitioner. Steph, 
we're so proud of you 
and love you that much 

lyg Congratulations! 

Love Mom, 

Dad, & Sock Stealer Joe 

To live your life in your own way 

To reach the goals you've set for yourself 

To be the person you want to be 

That is success 


Always remember the hopes 

and dreams that brought you to 

this day and may they guide you 

as you look to the future. You 

should be proud of yourself for 

what you have accomplished. 

Keep striving for the best in life. 

We will always be very 

proud of you, 

Mom & Dad 


You have reached a 
life long goal to be a 
part of the medical 
field. We are so proud 
of you. 

Mom and Dad :) 

Kristin Leighi Cosby 

Congratulations on your graduation! We are so 

PROUD of you and all of your accomplishments. We 

wish you the best of luck with your Nursing career, 

Graduate School and all your future goals. As you 

reach out and embrace life, stay true to your values, 

goals, family and friends and watch your DREAMS 

come TRUE! 

Kristin, you are a gift we will always treasure, 
May God Bless You Now and Forever! 

Much love to you always, 
Mom, Dad, Randy & Aaron 

"Live Well, Love much, 
Laugh often" 

Congratulations Kim! 
We are very proud of )ou! 

Mom, Dad & Lauren 


^Tuhe C^-C^a^ Q:^taf would like to con^ratukte 
the graduating- class of 20071 cMa^^ou succood in 
all ^our future endeavors ~ Q^ood ^uckl 


7 ^H^ ^^HT^ 



MtdiCiiJ CoUci/r <>!"Vir'gui^a Campus 

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